Buyer/Return Policy

Please read the Buyer’s Guide/Return Policy so you may be informed of your rights as a Buyer and the return policy of the vendor.

Brickbrac provides a venue to purchase handmade products from third party vendors. Please be aware that Brickbrac does not make, control, warranty, guarantee, or endorse any products posted in vendor stores. Brickbrac provides the venue for sellers and is not in any way a part of the transaction between the buyer and seller.

Every seller will have their own processing time for orders received. Please read the vendor’s shop policy and if you have any questions or concerns, please communicate directly with the vendor.

Please remember that each vendor is unique and will have their own policies for payment, shipping, processing times, returns and custom orders. If placing a custom order for an item, please be sure you have provided the vendor with accurate information. If you are not sure of your choice, ask the vendor to send you a mock up of your item for your approval.

Please remember to leave a review for your purchase. The vendors on Brickbrac are all small, independent sellers and rely on reviews to grow their business and build a following.

In the event you are not satisfied with your purchase for reasons such as non-delivery or the product not being as described in the listing, and cannot get resolution from the vendor, Brickbrac will reach out to the vendor to try to resolve the issue. (This must be done within a 30 day window after purchase.)

Thank you for choosing Brickbrac for your shopping experience. We look forward to becoming your place to go for unique, handmade products.